There are a lot of camping gear gift lists on the web. This list provides a lost of affordable gifts for campers, hikers, and backpackers that they will be happy to receive. These items won’t break the bank and are infinitely useful items to throw into a pack.

kershaw leek

A lightweight slim line knife that drops into a pocket. A favorite for Boy Scouts and adult leaders alike. Kershaw has many knives to choose from if the leek isn’t for you.

suunto compass

Suunto makes a range of compasses. This type of compass is perfect for map reading. Another favorite of Boy Scouts, lightweight and easy to use.

Water bottle

Bombproof Nalgene. Nothing beats the sheer indestructability of the Nalgene water bottle. In cold weather or snow camping it can be filled with hot water and tucked into your sleeping bag to keep you warm..

Titanium Mug

Super lightweight and in different sizes. Quickly heat a cup of water for coffee or for dinner.

Titanium backpacking stove

Titanium makes this little stove super light. It sounds like a rocket when turned up full. Tucks into your titanium pot with a small can of gas, lighter and small sponge for a complete cooking kit.


Because titanium mugs get really hot (Ask me how I know this!)

Titanium long handled spoon

The only utensil to take backpacking. Long handle fits into premade meals, or homemade meals eaten out of ziplock bags in camp.

Backpacking Lantern

A luxury when backpacking but a must have for snow camping. Light enough to backpack with if you have the fuel capacity for cooking and light. Snow camping this little lantern goes into your well (dug out vestibule) and is turned on for a few minutes at night and first thing in the morning to raise the temperature in your tent NOTE: this is never lit or used in a tent, it is placed down in the well when snow camping.

Merino wool socks

Warm merino wool socks make a great gift for anyone. Those who like outdoor pursuits will especially like them. The will cushion the foot, and wick away moisture to keep feet warm and dry.

Wide mouth cantene

Rolls up and fits in a side pocket of your pack. Use to hold extra filtered water, or water that you will boil in camp. Helps keep everyone hydrated and gives you extra water to cook with and clean dishes. This is the 96oz, there is also a 48oz and 32oz.

Lightweight 5×7 tarp

Several companies now sell ripstop nylon tarps with grommets in various sizes. Unlike a traditional 5 x 7 blue tarp that takes up a huge amount of room, these tarps are light and roll up small. One of the essentials for the outdoors.

Spice Missile

A little heavy and bulky, but makes your meals taste so much better.


Important on backpacking and hiking trips. Quickly replace lost electrolytes with these drop in tablets.

Reflective guy lines

Super helpful in low light situations. Find your tent in the dark, or avoid tripping over lines.

Luci Light

Solar powered LED light. Blow up at night to hang. Attach to the back of your pack while hiking during the day and you will have hours of light at the end of the day.

Lithium Batteries

Much lighter than conventional batteries. Outstanding performance in cold conditions.

Nite Ize

Figure 9 caribiner. Super light and makes hanging or tying off super easy.

Pack liner bags

Trash compactor bags are the perfect bag to line your pack with. An extra layer of tough plastic to keep your items dry.

Energy Boost

Stinger waffles are a tasty way to add a quick energy boost to your hiking or backpacking trip.

End of day treat

Freeze dried dessert in the form of ice cream bars. Yummy end of night treat.

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