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About-me-imageHi! I am Shar, expat Kiwi gal living in the SF Bay Area. I grew up on horses, around boats, often in the countryside, and did a stint in the UK working at stables. I spent 13 years in the design/print industry (a lifetime ago). Fast forward to now…

This site is dedicated to finding simple solutions to complex problems. Finding answers, and sharing thought provoking information.

A love of all things gardening, cooking, camping, homesteading, nature, crafting, and sanity saving (think serenity as a long term goal) brings me here. My interests are what I got out of a decade of sobriety. Live by example.

A country girl at heart, and a yearning for a plot of dirt somewhere, someday.

As an active Adult Leader in Boy Scouts, we are off camping, backpacking, and participating in many Scout related outdoor pursuits. There are fabulous places to explore. Solo trips and tasty camp meals are two of my favorite things.

Having degrees in counseling and addictive disorders has given me insight and pathways to changing habits and behaviors (it’s a long road folks)! And if you hadn’t caught on, I really, really, really like helping people. And here we are…

  • My first priority is helping people in early recovery navigate the day to day challenged that come with abstinence from substances.
  • The time between treatment and independence is a minefield. Having to learn to live all over again, control cravings and urges, repair relationships, overcome legal and economic hardship, and emotional turmoil, without cracking.
  • Finding the right resources in your community is a necessity, and having a strong support group that you can rely on.
  • Do you want to find ways to stay clean and sober? Have you had multiple residential treatments episodes? Are you struggling? Invest in yourself, you are worth it.
  • Do you want to find ways to manage stressors in your life, illness, addiction, teens with ADHD, husbands with borderline A1C, ensure your own well-being, and your sanity?
  • Some of you will be wondering what does recovery coaching have to do with all of this? To have recovery, you have to have balance. Exploring the world and finding your passion along with creating the life you want is the end product of recovery. Recovery mentoring and support is what gets you on the road. What you see here is MY vision.

A balanced life has many facets. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and for life to become unmanageable. Making small changes along the way will lead you to a calmer, more confident you. This journey is all about accepting who you are, where you are, right now.

Join the bandwagon, sign up now. Let’s build a community based on sharing of knowledge, support and encouragement, learn new (old) skills AND MAKE US COLLECTIVELY AWESOME.

Drop me a line. Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, and what content you would like to see.

Talk soon,

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