Resources (pdf downloads)


Click image to go to pdf files of blog posts. Download and print or share with others.

blog post planner worksheets

Blog post planner, draft copy,
and brainstorm worksheets.

blog planning forms

Five blog post organization worksheets
for workflow, weekly & monthly planners, content upgrades, and social media tracker

Blog to do list

Blog check list and daily to do worksheet.

stages of change

Stages of change data sheet, diagram,
and worksheet.

brainstorm goal worksheet

Stages of change data sheet, diagram, and worksheet.

migraine headache log

Chronic Migraine – what you need to know. Migraine headache log sheet and data sheet.

create your own recipe binder

Make your own recipe binder with this
pre-formatted recipe page.

car camping gear and tote list

Car camping lists for personal gear and totes for cooking, cleaning, and relaxing.